3 FAQ about Lexia 3 V47 Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic PP2000 V25

1. Q: A problem occurred when I installing Lexia 3 V47 Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic PP2000 V25. The error message said there is a problem with my Local Disk D.

A: Where did you install the Lexia 3 software?

Q: I installed it in Disk C and then copied it to Disk D.

Lexia 3 V47

A: OK. According to your error message, the device has been damaged in Disk D. There are chances that the software is damaged when you copy it to Disk D while your antivirus software is running. Our Lexia 3 software is clean, but the antivirus software may identify it as virus-carrying, and damage it. Hence, please first close the antivirus software and then install Lexia 3 software by directly using the CD in your package.

2. Q: Can Lexia3 V47 Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic PP2000 V25 with Diagbox V6.01 Software work with Peugeot 307 SW 2006?

A: Technically, it supports almost all the Peugeot vehicles made after 1996. We have tested it on dozens of Peugeot cars made in Asia, and it can work with all of them smoothly. But 307C5 made in different countries are a little bit different, and we cannot guarantee this.

3. Q: Can I install the newest Diagbox 7.31 on Lexia 3 V47 Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic PP2000 V25?

A: Yes, it can if your Diagbox and Lexia 3 are bought from us. This is because OBD2 tools made by different factories are a little bit different, and sometimes a device manufactured in one factory is not able to work software from another factory.

Multi-Di@g Access J2534 updated to II-2013 version

The popular auto diagnostic tool, Multidiag Actia J2534 Pass-Thru, has been updated to the newest II-2013 version. The Multidiag Actia J2534 II-2013 is now available on Xcardiag.

 Compared with the previous version, the new Multidiag J2534 supports more car models, more functions, more languages and lower computer requirement. It is able to support a total of 190 car systems by far.

They are: Renault 41 new system, Peugeot 24 new system, Citroën 25 new system, VOLVO 40 new system, Benz 15 new system, BMW4 new system, Nissan 5 new system, Fiat 14 new system, Kia 3 new system, Dacia 1 new system, Ford 1 new system, Toyota 1 new system, Lancia 5 new system, etc.

As for price, the tool is available for less than $400 on our website. To learn more about the new Multidiag Access J2534, please visit www.xcardiag.com.

Renault CAN Clip problem: You must register your Clip

A customer inquired me last week why his Renault CAN Clip V133 diagnostic interface kept showing an error message: You must register your Clip. She told me that she had installed the software before, and had never encountered a problem like this.

One should be more careful for the second installation of the Renault diagnostic toolthan the first time. “If you want to reinstall the OBDII tool, you have to make sure the previous version you installed has been cleared and you will have to register after the installation,” said a auto techinician with XcarDiag.


Thus, the message is less than an error message but a reminder for registeration. Please register again and then check if the Renault CAN Clip can work well one more time.

The detail Renault can clip crack steps

Renault can clip is hot selling auto diagnostic tool, this interface is not VAG diagnostic tool but is specific for Renault vehicles. It is useful for Renault car owners. It also has a great market in French car diagnostic tools. Renault can clip latest version is V124.

Renault can clip is multi-function. It can do a great number of diagnostic works for Renault car models. It can read the car related information. It is good at testing the car computers, airbag. Renault can clip also supports reprogramming and it is multi-language. The language it supported including English, German, Brazil, Denish, Spanish, Finnish, French and so on.


When you got the Renault can clip, you need register. The detail Renault can clip crack steps as following:


  1. Don’t run the clip after finish Installation
  2. Copy the RSRwin.ext to C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application\
  3. Then run your CLiP, choose “Register me now” and in the next Windows and select “NO”.
  4. Use this 333DEF-111DEF-111DEF-222DEF-221DEF-000DEF Key for Registration

Renault can clip diagnostic tool installation

Renault can clip is a hot selling French car diagnostic tool which is designed for Renault car models. It is popular for its high performance and overall functions in Renault owners. It can do reprogramming, airbag test and so on.

With the number of this Renault diagnostic tool users increasing, we got some users’ feedback. Many of them are confused about the installation.


  1. Disconnect Renault clip device from pc and uninstall previous Renault clip software.
  2. Run Renault Clip CD, Crack!! Folder, then double click crack, select Yes in the appeared window.
  3. Operate Renault Clip setup wizard (launch setup.exe from the root of the CD) and follow instructions, In the type of CLIP station selection window, select [CLIP TECHNIC/CONFORT] to have all features installed.
  4. After setup is finish, PC will reboot and the CLIP icon will appear.
  5. Connect Renault Clip device to PC, when new window appear, choose next, continue. After window asking path for drivers. Type c:/windows/systerm32/drives and press ok. More windows will appearance, just repeat the steps.
  6. Double click the clip icons, main window will appear and your installation is complete.


If you still have any questions, welcome to xcardiag.com.